Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Fri Dec 10 06:33:04 PST 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> All,
> I have gone through the SRS as best I can on my own.  You can see the 
> BZ entries for nALFS2 at 
> and the SRS at 
> I need you all to look through it and make comments.  I especially 
> need help with the following sections: 


I looked through those pages extensively, and you've done a great job so 
far, many thanks. I intended to sit down and begin filling out some of 
those items you mentioned as well, but there were a few blocker points, 
it seems; a few things that haven't been completely decided yet and that 
will affect what we list in your SRS.

1) The testing we've done on parsing the book as a profile shows that 
it's both possible and practical, therefore I'd like to see this become 
a standard feature. However, I don't think we're quite ready to ask the 
current LFS editors to add our tags to the book, I'd like to have 
something a little more solid first.  To that end, I propose that, for 
now, we maintain diffs of the book that will allow us to parse it.

2) In using the LFS book as a profile, what sorts of standards or means 
will we employ to add to or customize the build?  How will we do this?  
By calling up an external editor in which we can insert our own 
commands?  Parsing another external file?  Suggestions?

3) We need to finalize a development language. AFAIK, at this time we 
are heavily leaning on C, but there has been nothing stated officially 
that we will be using that to build our tool.  Looking at our wiki docs, 
is there a better choice?

4) A comm protocol needs to be decided, or at least addressed, so that 
we can work that into the Back-End design from the start.

5) To what extent does RelaxNG play a part? Esp now that we hope to be 
parsing the LFS Book straight out, how will RelaxNG fit fully into this 
picture?  I'd like to see something more concrete written out concerning 

Are there any other items that appear undecided to you?  I'm anxious to 
be moving forward on this, so let's get the above and anything else 
that's outstanding finalized now.

Jeremy Huntwork

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