Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Fri Dec 10 07:00:49 PST 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote on 10 December 2004 14:33
> 1) The testing we've done on parsing the book as a profile shows that
> it's both possible and practical, therefore I'd like to see this become
> a standard feature.


> 2) In using the LFS book as a profile, what sorts of standards or means
> will we employ to add to or customize the build?  How will we do this?
> By calling up an external editor in which we can insert our own
> commands?  Parsing another external file?  Suggestions?

Chickening out on this one until I've given it more thought. I don't think
there is a simple solution that will suit everyone.
> 3) We need to finalize a development language. AFAIK, at this time we
> are heavily leaning on C, but there has been nothing stated officially
> that we will be using that to build our tool.  Looking at our wiki docs,
> is there a better choice?

C for me. Its the most flexible in my eyes.

> 4) A comm protocol needs to be decided, or at least addressed, so that
> we can work that into the Back-End design from the start.

I looked at two, XML-RPC and SOAP. Both seemed to do what we want although
from my research SOAP seemed to be the more recognised and standard.

> 5) To what extent does RelaxNG play a part? Esp now that we hope to be
> parsing the LFS Book straight out, how will RelaxNG fit fully into this
> picture?  I'd like to see something more concrete written out concerning
> this.

If we are considering parsing profiles that aren't straight from the LFS
book the Relax-NG or some other parsing solution is a _must_.

> Are there any other items that appear undecided to you?  I'm anxious to
> be moving forward on this, so let's get the above and anything else
> that's outstanding finalized now.

One more, are we going to keep the nALFS syntax as standard or use one of
the other ones that are included with moongoo? A conversion tool for
nALFS->new syntax would ease some of the pain but if we are going to 
radically change the syntax then now is the right time.

> Jeremy Huntwork

	--	Jamie

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