[ANNOUNCE] ALFS Profile for LFS-6.0 Released

Torsten Vollmann Torsten at Vollmann-Online.de
Mon Dec 13 02:28:58 PST 2004

Hey all,

I just finished my 6.0-install on my old k6-2 450. It took it's time, 
but finally I got myself an all new LFS :-)

Thanks for the great job on the profile!!!

Nevertheless I ran into two minor glitches in the profile:

- the udev-config-1.rules and udev-config-2.permissions files are
   missing in the wget-urls

- the e2fsprogs come with the wrong MD5-checksums

As hard as I looked, I could not find any report about this prior to 
mine, so I must either assume me to be the first to do so, or there is 
some place to report to I don't know about...



Thomas Pegg schrieb:
> With the release of LFS-6.0, the ALFS Team is proud to announce the 
> release of the ALFS profile to accompany it. It can be downloaded from 
> the usual locations 
> (/alfs/downloads/profiles/stable/profile-LFS-6.0.tar.bz2).
> All comments, questions and discussion of this profile should be
> directed to the alfs-discuss mailing list.

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