[ANNOUNCE] ALFS Profile for LFS-6.0 Released

Torsten Vollmann Torsten at Vollmann-Online.de
Tue Dec 14 02:52:27 PST 2004

Thomas Pegg schrieb:
> Thanks for the report Torsten, I will get these things fixed up asap. I was
> hoping not to have to release an update to the profile but it looks like 
> I must,
> oh well.

One more thing I stumbled upon:

" Note:

Zlib is known to build its shared library incorrectly if CFLAGS is 
specified in the environment. If using a specified CFLAGS variable, be 
sure to add the -fPIC directive to the CFLAGS variable for the duration 
of the configure command below, then remove it afterwards."

(Quote from LFS-6.0, ch. 6.16)

I don't know/understand why this should only be added 'for the duration 
of the configure command' and if this is possible in the profiles, but I 
think it should either be added to the whole package or the CFLAGS 
should be unset.



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