[Suggestion] change in wget-scripts

Torsten Vollmann Torsten at Vollmann-Online.de
Tue Dec 14 05:51:53 PST 2004

Hi all.

Right now the wget scripts in the profiles use the -nc option as 
suggested some months ago by Richard A Downing. The intention is not to 
download an already existing file a second time.

The problem with the -nc option is that it only checks for the existence 
of the given file. Now there could be the case that the download is 
interrupted resulting in a partially downloaded file. When the wget 
script is reinvoked this file wouldn't be completed!

So I suggest a change from the '-nc' option to the '-N -r -nd' options:

The -N option compares the creation-time and size of the files and 
starts the download if they differ.

The -r option results in the already existing file to be overwritten 
instead of a .1 file beeing created.

In my tests of the -N -r options wget somehow gets to creating the 
directory-structure of the hosting server so the -nd option must also be 
given to prevent it from doing that.

The benefit of these options is the assurance that the files are 
completely downloaded, the downside is that for every file in the list 
wget has to obtain the size and date of the hosted file. This could 
count in if one has limits in bandwith etc.



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