Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Tue Dec 14 06:07:07 PST 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote on 14 December 2004 15:20
> Jamie Bennett wrote:
>> One more, are we going to keep the nALFS syntax as standard or use one of
>> the other ones that are included with moongoo? A conversion tool for
>> nALFS->new syntax would ease some of the pain but if we are going to
>> radically change the syntax then now is the right time.
> Have you looked at NeoCool's new syntax, Alfs Simple Syntax? (Pardon the
> acronym ;) )
> It might work well for us.

I have seen it and I'm quite impressed. The decision needs to be made on
whether or not we are going to change the syntax now or still with the 
nALFS one.
> Jeremy Huntwork

	--	Jamie

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