Name for the new tool

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Thu Dec 16 12:16:20 PST 2004

Boris Buegling wrote:
> Mornin',
> we are just trying to decide on a name for new ALFS tool. The folks who 
> are in #alfs-dev agreed that nALFS2 wouldn't be an accurate name, 
> because the tool is not based on the old nALFS and Neven isn't a part of 
> the team anymore. We'd also want a non-mooLFS name for change :)
> My person top 5:
> 1) Moongoo (obvious, wasn't it?)

Uggh, unfortunately I realise you *are* being serious with this 
suggestion.  Come on folks, does this have some meaning that I'm not 
aware of?  It means nothing to me, and doubtless others will see no 
apparent link between this and the other LFS projects.

> 2) cALFSkin (still mooLFS, but punny)

Nope, see above.

> 3) lair (Linux Automated Installation Ressource)

Hmmm.  Getting there, but like someone else said, I'm not sure about the 
need/desire for another acronym, especially as one as fragile/strained 
as this one.

> 4) amass (Automated Manipulation of ALFS Simple Syntax or Automatic 
> Moongoo Alterations of Super Squirrels)

Again, getting there - obviously only when taking the first expansion 
into consideration.

> 5) assparser (ALFS simple syntax parser)

Yeah, right!  It's also dependent on the ALFS Simple Syntax, which may 
(or may not?) change.

> Any comments are welcome.

Well, here's my own:

"Beacon - huh?" I here you say.  What's that got to do with LFS/ALFS?

It started out as BCON (or B-CON) - as in Base (system) Constructor.  It 
then evolved to Beacon in an attempt to move away from an acronym.  As a 
beacon also serves to guide or show the way, it seems to fit the project 
quite well.  Rather comically, it's actually quite close in sound to 
Beekmans too!  Thoughts? Comments?  Am I off my rocker? Do I need a 
straight-jacket, flame-proof suit or both?


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