Name for the new tool

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Fri Dec 17 01:18:37 PST 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote on 17 December 2004 07:52
> If I had to cast a deciding vote it'd be for ALFS2. However, as has been
> mentioned before, ALFS iswas technically *just* the DTD/schema/whatever.
>   With that in mind, and to add some appreciation of the fact that the
> new tool is still influenced by Neven's ideas and/or code, then I'd
> prefer nALFS2.

But is it? We will most likely be using a totally different syntax, have a
client/server model, and use none of Neven's original code. How is that
anything to do with the code base or idea's that is now nALFS? Maybe it does

the same job (takes profiles and acts upon them) but it does it completely 
different. Its like saying a car does the same job as the bus (takes you
A to B) so lets call it a carbus.
> Matt.

	--	Jamie

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