LFS-6.0 profile

Markus Mahlberg markus.mahlberg at web.de
Fri Dec 17 03:20:35 PST 2004

Torsten Vollmann wrote:

> Markus Mahlberg schrieb:
>> Uhm, has somebody mentioned yet that the hotplug-package is mising?
>> Markus Mahlberg
>> Sneaking around the net...
> Hotplug isn't part of LFS-6.0, just of LFS-6.1-testing...
> Tschüss,
> Torsten.

Hm, that's why.
But aren't udev and hotplug considered to be an undevideable team?
Using udev on it's own is kind of nice not having all the devices created by
though my point of view is that the hotplugging abilities provided by
hotplug are vital in times of USB sticks, iPods :) aso.

By the way: I added hotplug "manually" to my LFS-6.0. It works fine with my
USB stick: modules are loaded, new device-nodes are created.



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