Markus Mahlberg markus.mahlberg at
Fri Dec 17 04:37:40 PST 2004

Jamie Bennett wrote:

> Jeremy Huntwork wrote on 14 December 2004 15:20
>> Jamie Bennett wrote:
>>> One more, are we going to keep the nALFS syntax as standard or use one
>>> of the other ones that are included with moongoo? A conversion tool for
>>> nALFS->new syntax would ease some of the pain but if we are going to
>>> radically change the syntax then now is the right time.
>> Have you looked at NeoCool's new syntax, Alfs Simple Syntax? (Pardon the
>> acronym ;) )
>> It might work well for us.
> I have seen it and I'm quite impressed. The decision needs to be made on
> whether or not we are going to change the syntax now or still with the
> nALFS one.
>> Jeremy Huntwork
> --    Jamie

I reviewed the syntax and from my point of view it's ease of use is an
improvement. As one needs a special profile for each release of the LFS-
projects anyway, I don't see the needs for a conversion tool except for
reusing old xml files in new profiles.

Markus Mahlberg

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