Narrowing it down [Was: Name for the new tool]

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Fri Dec 17 08:38:24 PST 2004

Jamie Bennett wrote:

>But is it? We will most likely be using a totally different syntax, have a
>client/server model, and use none of Neven's original code. How is that
>anything to do with the code base or idea's that is now nALFS? Maybe it does
>the same job (takes profiles and acts upon them) but it does it completely 
>different. Its like saying a car does the same job as the bus (takes you
>A to B) so lets call it a carbus.

I very much agree with Jamie on this point.  And, as this thread has 
shown me, we're not all going to perfectly agree on this one.  
Therefore, so that we can decide and move on, I'm narrowing the options 
down to four.  Please use today to comment/vote, and tomorrow the chosen 
name will go into effect.  Here are the choices, listed in the order of 
my personal preference.

1) lit (Lfs Installation Tool) - Yes this is a new one. It's simple, 
easy to remember and describes what the tool does. I also like the 
imagery implied - that your system is lit and energized.

2) Alfred (or Alfie) - This one is a play on the name ALFS and is also a 
reference to Batman's butler, Alfred. It's supposed to imply one that 
manages and cares for your affairs while you are free to do other 
exciting things.

3) ALFS - I still feel that the tool's name should be different from the 
whole project's name, but if we are bent on going this way, I'd prefer 
that the name of the tool simply be alfs, since again, for the sake of 
redundancy, this isn't really the 2nd of anything.

4) amps (Automated Management and Packaging System)

Well, there you have it. In default of any deciding votes I reserve the 
right to choose one of the four myself as the name.  So, let's finish up 
this business...

Jeremy Huntwork

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