Narrowing it down [Was: Name for the new tool]

Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Dec 17 07:54:01 PST 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> 1) lit (Lfs Installation Tool) - Yes this is a new one. It's simple,
> easy to remember and describes what the tool does. I also like the
> imagery implied - that your system is lit and energized.
> 2) Alfred (or Alfie) - This one is a play on the name ALFS and is also a
> reference to Batman's butler, Alfred. It's supposed to imply one that
> manages and cares for your affairs while you are free to do other
> exciting things.
> 3) ALFS - I still feel that the tool's name should be different from the
> whole project's name, but if we are bent on going this way, I'd prefer
> that the name of the tool simply be alfs, since again, for the sake of
> redundancy, this isn't really the 2nd of anything.
> 4) amps (Automated Management and Packaging System)

Of these choices, IMHO, the only reasonable choice is ALFS.

lit - An acronym that nobody knows, will know and really doesn't
stand for anything. If anything it should be lfsit. "Lit and
energized", please....

Alfred - Please....

amps - how does "automated management" fit in the picture? I thought
it was an installation tool, not a management tool.


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