Narrowing it down [Was: Name for the new tool]

Roel Neefs rneefs at
Fri Dec 17 10:14:52 PST 2004

On Friday 17 December 2004 16:38, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> 1) lit (Lfs Installation Tool) - Yes this is a new one. It's simple,
> easy to remember and describes what the tool does. I also like the
> imagery implied - that your system is lit and energized.
> 2) Alfred (or Alfie) - This one is a play on the name ALFS and is
> also a reference to Batman's butler, Alfred. It's supposed to imply
> one that manages and cares for your affairs while you are free to do
> other exciting things.
> 3) ALFS - I still feel that the tool's name should be different from
> the whole project's name, but if we are bent on going this way, I'd
> prefer that the name of the tool simply be alfs, since again, for the
> sake of redundancy, this isn't really the 2nd of anything.
> 4) amps (Automated Management and Packaging System)

First some comments, I'm against calling it ALFS, calling it the same as 
the project will be confusing as you never know which one is being 
talked about, adding the n in front of it is indeed not logical, as 
being said by Jeremy, if you looked at the poc code, you would see that 
they don't use the ideas/code from nalfs. And the 2 at the end is 
therefor also wrong, it isn't a successor of a first tool, it is a new 
tool, build from scratch with new features/design/... . So giving it a 
proper name to identify it, instead of a b-name seems more appropriate, 
therefor my choice would be:

Alfred > amps > lit >> anything that looks like (n)(A)LFS(2)


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