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Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Dec 17 10:10:23 PST 2004

Markus Mahlberg wrote:
> Torsten Vollmann wrote:
>>Markus Mahlberg schrieb:
>>>Uhm, has somebody mentioned yet that the hotplug-package is mising?
>>Hotplug isn't part of LFS-6.0, just of LFS-6.1-testing...
> Hm, that's why.
> But aren't udev and hotplug considered to be an undevideable team?

Well, not really.  They do distinctly different things (as is the *nix 
way).  udev creates devices on-the-fly.  Hotplug, IIRC, loads modules 
for said devices.

> Using udev on it's own is kind of nice not having all the devices created by
> makedevs, though my point of view is that the hotplugging abilities provided by
> hotplug are vital in times of USB sticks, iPods :)

Not for me.  If I plug in a USB device, it'll create a device which I 
can then mount and put data on.  The fact that you *chose* to compile 
your USB drivers as modules is *your* problem (in the nicest possible 
sense of the word) to which, yes, hotplug would be one solution (the 
'modules' script in LFS-6.0 would be another).

> By the way: I added hotplug "manually" to my LFS-6.0. It works fine with my
> USB stick: modules are loaded, new device-nodes are created.

That's good to know, but during its initial introduction to the book (it 
was tested during the LFS-6.0 development process) hotplug was 
considered to problematic in conjunction with udev for us to make a 
release with it included.



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