Narrowing it down [Was: Name for the new tool]

Boris Buegling boris at
Sun Dec 19 02:25:06 PST 2004

Dear Mr. Robertson,

First, I don't see any point in this post of you. It seems like you 
haven't looked at any work that has been done in the last weeks and just 
posted out of the blue. That isn't a good way to discuss things as you 
might know.

On 18.12.2004, James Robertson created this extraordinary piece of modern literature:
>I am still completely confused as to why you keep saying that it is not 
>the second version of anything.  What am I missing that you guys are 
>talking about on IRC that is not making it to the list?  The SRS makes 
>it very clear that nALFS2 (as it is called there) is the logical 
>progression of the tool, hence the 2 in its name.  What is all this 
>stuff about not using any code and starting from scratch and using what 
>ever moongoo is.  AFAICT moongoo is a POC of using the book as profile 

Well, why don't you go do your homework and LOOK at it? The nALFS code 
is 27503 loc and I don't think that it is a good idea to add even more 
to that. It has evolved over some years and now it seems to be time to 
rethink things and start from scratch (how very fitting, eh?), 
especially considering that a networked model needs to be different from 
what the old tool was. If you go separating the old code into 
client/server/library and cleaning out possible old cruft, I'm fine w/ 
that, just show us your work.

>and nothing more.  I am not interested in the simple syntax to describe 
>the build commands or anything else that is being concocted in there.

Is this jALFS? Some ppl of the team seemed interested and that's what 

>Someone either needs to edit the SRS from scratch to get this stuff in 
>there so we can talk about it, or quit saying anything about it.

Maybe you should quit saying anything before you haven't looked at 
what's already there.

Boris Buegling <boris at>

"Mails löschen ist wie Bücher verbrennen."
		-- Stefan Scholl
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