Narrowing it down [Was: Name for the new tool]

Boris Buegling boris at
Sun Dec 19 02:36:59 PST 2004

Hey JH,

On 18.12.2004, Jeremy Huntwork created this extraordinary piece of modern literature:
>Therefore, as of today, consider the name of our new tool to be, simply, 
>alfs.  It sadly lacks any flair or imagination, but it correctly 
>associates itself with the project and with LFS and is generally more 
>official in its sound.  Discussion about the name is finished. 

Finally :) Thanks for the decision.

>also like to hear some suggestions about the best way to number its 
>versions, so we can have that in mind from the start.

We should build a TODO list which has the things in we want for each new 
version. IMHO, a first 0.1 release should be done when we can accomplish 
the basic task, building a btb LFS system automatically. 

>Boris, wait a bit yet, please, before you move anything in subversion. 


Boris Buegling <boris at>

"For every problem, there is a solution that is simple, elegant, and wrong."
		-- H. L. Mencken
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