language choice of alfs

James Robertson jwrober at
Sun Dec 19 19:29:32 PST 2004

Hui Zhou wrote:
> I know there is a decision earlier that the new alfs tool will be coded 
> in C. I have been quite seriously learning, thinking, studying 
> programming languages for a recent a few months, and would like to throw 
> in my 2 cents before a code base forms.
> IMHO, C is the worst choice for the job. ATM, I recommend python. I will 
> not layout the arguments here since there are plenty given by many more 
> distinguished people.
> I understand that developers and the skills of developers is not a 
> choice here, so if it will be C, so be it. But I think the arguments 
> given before are quite moo-moo.

Actually that is one of the reasons we are writing an SRS in the first 
place.  If we write it correctly, you should be able to create your own 
version of alfs in python if you wish.  One thing I personally would 
love to see is a GUI client for X (e.g. GNOME or KDE - I use GNOME).  I 
have seen lots of RH tools written in python to be run in X that are 
very full featured.

There are pros and cons for all things.  I am not a coder and so do not 
know what they are in this case.  I read the rest of the thread and 
noticed some good comments for and against C.  I'll let the coders 
handle this one.


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