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Mon Dec 20 02:05:23 PST 2004

Quoting Boris Buegling <boris at>:
> I don't want to sound rude, but as far as I know, we have two coders 
> right now, Jamie Bennett and myself, and we both agreed on using C, so 
> did you. If the other people making suggestions do not actually want to 
> take part in development, they shouldn't have a say on what language it 
> will be written in. It is important that the actual coders feel 
> comfortable with the language that is used, not the users. If the 
> decision will be against C, I will not be able to participate in coding 
> the new tool.

Wow, you guys have been busy while I've been away this weekend ;)

As far as language choice goes, I'm not really bothered. I can see
advantages/disadvantages from C/Python and personally I'm open to choosing
either. I have no experience in Python but then I didn't have any experience in
C until I picked up a project and learned as I went along so that shouldn't be a
show stopper. One advantage of C though is that we have a pretty good base
already there in the form of whats in moongoo now so if we swap to Python then
that will need to be redone. 

I also think that we are in desperate need of coders to move this project from
concept to working tool and losing Boris would be a blow. Boris, is your reason
to discontinue work on alfs purely down to language choice?

What ever language we decide on, I'll go along with, as I'm more interested in
the end tool rather than the language it was produced in. If it means we have
more developers who _will_ be contributing code then I'll vote Python. But if it
boils down to just me and Boris coding then I'll stick to C thanks.

> Boris Buegling <boris at>

     --     Jamie

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