language choice of alfs

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Dec 22 12:21:12 PST 2004

Hui Zhou wrote:

> I know there is a decision earlier that the new alfs tool will be 
> coded in C. I have been quite seriously learning, thinking, studying 
> programming languages for a recent a few months, and would like to 
> throw in my 2 cents before a code base forms.
> IMHO, C is the worst choice for the job. ATM, I recommend python. I 
> will not layout the arguments here since there are plenty given by 
> many more distinguished people.

Ok. So the idea of the language for alfs is not really up in the air. 
We've already begun a POC in C, and we can begin calling that base code 
alfs.  All things considered, it still seems to me that C is the best 
language for the official backend.  Our two core developers are 
comfortable with that, and it drops nicely onto a freshly built LFS 
system.  As far as the front-end goes, we'll see when we come to that. 
As James pointed out the SRS is being written so that it is not language 
specific.  At this point, any further alfs discussion should really be 
based on what is already documented on the wiki.  There are still some 
holes in the SRS, though, so we need to look at those sections in the 
SRS and offer comments on the missing sections.

Jeremy Huntwork

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