runit script

Joachim Beckers joachim.beckersNOSPAM at
Sun Feb 1 12:18:07 PST 2004


currently, the recommanded way to run nALFS, is by running the runit script that 
is in the profile's directory

to me, this seems to be a good way for a lot of reasons, like:
- it's simple
- it eliminates typos by users (like trying to run nalfs instead of nALFS)
- it enables logging by default
- etc

however, i think this script should be renamed, the reason for that being that 
there's already another program that's called runit (see

when someone has runit installed, it might be confusing that the script to run 
nALFS has the same name

what do you guys think? should this script be renamed?
what name should it get then?


joachim beckers

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