Minor modification of profiles

Sébastien sebastien.maerten at iota.u-psud.fr
Wed Feb 4 06:40:58 PST 2004

First I'd like to thank you for the hard work on both nALFS and the 
profiles, I think that having official profiles really improves (at 
least my) ability in testing.

I've just tested the 5.1-pre1 everything is fine.

However, I'm working on a powerpc and I need to change the linker name 
to ld.so.1 . I wonder if it could be made an entity defined in 
general.ent rather than being hardcoded in both ch05/ch06 
Since LFS is really portable (at least on powerpc), it seems logical to 
define the dynamic linker's name in just one place, am I wrong?

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