ALFS Limited to LFS Only?

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Thu Feb 5 08:13:29 PST 2004

On Thu, 05 Feb 2004 08:58:37 -0600, James Robertson thusly spake in
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> You should probably use XSLT.  Also, the LFS Book is working on a new 
> XML style to make parsing out the data needed for nALFS profiles easier 
> with XSLT which may negate your work.  I would not want you to spend a 
> ton of hours working on something that may be no good.

Is the new XML going to be used for BLFS too? 
> There is also lfscmd which parses the data out now and makes shell 
> scripts.  Those might be easier to parse to nALFS profiles than pulling 
> from the XML source.

I'd seen mention of lfscmd, but never managed to find it.  Does it work on
BLFS? Do you have a link for it?

> Just some thoughts.

Thanks James. I certainly don't want to waste time on something that would
be of no use to the community...maybe its time to have a look at XSLT?

Alex Potter

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