Issues with grub.xml

Dave Mascall nospamthanks at
Fri Feb 6 08:08:38 PST 2004

Just built a new system using profile from CVS.

grub.xml seems to have some strange quirks (to me anyway).
Can somebody explain the logic behind these ?

1. The textdump to build menu.lst is commented out, so menu.lst is not
created, even though it picks up "valid" entities for the root and kernel
parameters. The file created works perfectly ok when its uncommented.

2. The kernel parameter for the LFS entry now has the --no-mem-option, which
has the space between the first two dashes. There is no mention that the
space has to be removed as there is for the earlier "batch" param.

3. What is the point of the commented out "shell command". Its not run as
part of the profile anyway so I am not sure of its purpose. Would it make
sense  to textdump this out to a file to be run by root the first time the
new system is booted ?


Dave M

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