Preparing for nALFS 1.3 release

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Feb 7 15:28:44 PST 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> The other stuff looks fine to me.  Do we have a roadmap of what 2.0 will 
> look like?  With there be a 3.3 DTD for that?

I've been thinking about that some, and I can't see anything on the 
current list that warrants a 2.0 release, most of what's in Bugzilla is 
relatively minor stuff (and we've done most of the syntax changes for 
this upcoming release) and will only cause point-version upgrades (1.4, 
1.5, etc.).

I _do_ have some ideas for where I'd like to see things go for 2.0, but 
I can't see it happening soon. With Neven apparently gone there's noone 
around who has good knowledge of how the nALFS UI layer works, and some 
of the 2.0 related things will affect that quite substantially.

> As for the doc.  I am currently about 50% done (give or take a couple 
> %).  With my questions on the list you should see that I made it to 
> <environment> at least.  I haven't done a lot of commits as I have been 
> playing a little with rendering locally first.  If nALFS 1.3 is going to 
> support DTD 3.1 and 3.2, then I need to finish the 3.1 version and then 
> figure out a way to get the 3.2 info in there all in one doc.

I've been wondering about that, whether 3.1 and 3.2 should be in the 
same doc or whether you should just branch the doc and produce two 
versions of it.

> I will 
> stick a proposal on the list later on that one.  I should be able to get 
> 3.1 done for sure in about a week.  This will give all you all a chance 
> to read it over (closely) and give me updates to it to make sure it is 
> correct.  Getting 3.2 info in there will not take that long I do not 
> think.  Will this work?

Sounds fine to me. I'm not in a rush to get 1.3 out there, I just wanted 
to get the team's ideas flowing :-)

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