Truly automatic BLFS

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Sat Feb 7 16:12:04 PST 2004

Hey everybody,

Background: I use LFS systems for a small group of servers that I am 
currently learning on, and over time I have come to love the LFS project.  
Problem is, it takes too long to download everything and set up, so I started 
using the aLFS package.  It works great, but you still need to DL everything 
in advance because the URLs aren't included in the profiles (at least, not 
that I have seen.)

I took a copy of the nALFS profiles for LFS, Vassili Dzuba's pre-BLFS, BLFS 
and post-BLFS packages and have started to merge them all into one complete 
package, including a reference to downloadable URLs for packages and md5sums 
for them so you can simply start up nALFS and go grab lunch.

Problem is this is turning out to be a hell of a lot more involved than I 
originally thought, 'cause there are a number of packages with no XML profile 
for, bad DL links, etc.

The whole reason that I started this in the first place is that I believe 
that LFS created the best distribution available...but by the time you are 
setting up the fourth system it gets a little tedious and old (after the 
learning was done.)

Anyone out there willing to lend a hand creating the rest of the profiles, 
etc, to get this thing off the ground?

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