Preparing for nALFS 1.3 release

James Robertson jwrober at
Sat Feb 7 19:19:11 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> James Robertson wrote:
>> The other stuff looks fine to me.  Do we have a roadmap of what 2.0 
>> will look like?  With there be a 3.3 DTD for that?
> I've been thinking about that some, and I can't see anything on the 
> current list that warrants a 2.0 release, most of what's in Bugzilla is 
> relatively minor stuff (and we've done most of the syntax changes for 
> this upcoming release) and will only cause point-version upgrades (1.4, 
> 1.5, etc.).

Yea, that makes sense.  I remember "in a galaxy far far away" that Neven 
mentioned that 2.0 would begin the inclusion of server side and client 
side communication system or something like that.  It was to be a major 
jump in functionality.  So that sounds like the DTD will get an upgrade 
to v3.2 for a lot of future stuff.  I think I can combine that all in 
one book.  This would be the best I think.  We really probably need to 
do some brainstorming on what all we think the DTD is missing and go 
ahead and put it in the DTD.  nALFS handlers can catch up over time when 
you hackers are ready.  We can document in the users guide (yea, I know 
I need to get to that too :\) what elements in what version of the DTD 
the current version of the package supports.

> I _do_ have some ideas for where I'd like to see things go for 2.0, but 
> I can't see it happening soon. With Neven apparently gone there's noone 
> around who has good knowledge of how the nALFS UI layer works, and some 
> of the 2.0 related things will affect that quite substantially.

Agreed. We need his input on a lot of that.


> Sounds fine to me. I'm not in a rush to get 1.3 out there, I just wanted 
> to get the team's ideas flowing :-)

great.  That will help me a lot.  This first pass is pretty big.  I 
would like to hold off on v1.3.x as long as you guys can so we can get a 
really good set of docs in there.  By docs I mean the DTD syntax doc and 
the hackers guide.  The users guide will come next.

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