naLFS crash...

Sébastien Maerten sebastien.maerten at
Mon Feb 9 02:42:24 PST 2004


I'm running nALFS to make some tests with glibc and binutils on ppc

Working on powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu, nALFS build using LFS-5.1-pre1.
Running kernel 2.6.2-ben1 (really minimal kernel) nALFS exits as soon as 
I try to run the profile. It gives this message:

socketpair() failed: Function not implemented
Errot in src/comm.c, line 431. Program version is 1.2.1.

I've not this problem running my traditional 2.4 kernel, neither with 
not-so-minimal 2.6 . Is there a dependency of nALFS to kernel 
functionality ?

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