naLFS crash...

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Mon Feb 9 03:51:39 PST 2004

Sébastien Maerten wrote on 09 February 2004 11:16
>> int socketpair(int d, int type, int protocol, int sv[2]); is indeed
>> in the kernel, specifically under sys/socket.h. It looks like your
>> minimal kernel doesn't support socketpair() so you either need a new
>> kernel that does support it or implement it in your kernel yourself.
> Thank you very much for the explanation, however I'm not asking for
> help, I can get nALFS working.
> What I meant was: "Is there an option needed in the kernel to make nALFS
> work? " if so, it should be mentioned in the readme shouldn't it?

socketpair() is part of the standard kernel and doesn't require any
kernel options to enable it. What seems to be happening is that you ben1
kernel (Benjamin Herrenschmidt?) doesn't support the function socketpair()
which you can confirm by looking at your copy of socket.h.

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