chapter 06 - Creating and mounting directories

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Tue Feb 10 00:55:44 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote on 10 February 2004 01:18
> Jamie Bennett wrote:
>> I'm in the process of updating the current LFS profile and looking
>> through the current book I can see that the $LFS/proc and $LFS/dev/pts
>> directories get created twice, once in  'mounting the proc and devpts
>> file systems' and once in 'creating directories'. Am I missing something
>> here or is this an error?
> Did you mean to post this to lfs-dev? 

Yeah, should have been lfs-dev.

> I think that part of the CVS book  profile is in a state of transition

The change is quite a few days old now but I have been tracking the 
discussions on lfs-dev. I'll still commit the changes to the profile
but I suspect that they may be backed out if the discussions continue
the way they are.

> I suspect what you are seeing will be fixed shortly, but the editors
> should be made aware of it.

I'll post it to lfs-dev.

Jamie Bennett	-	jamie at linuxfromscratch dot org

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