Truly automatic BLFS

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Feb 10 17:40:19 PST 2004

spam wrote:

> It works great, but you still need to DL everything 
> in advance because the URLs aren't included in the profiles (at least, not 
> that I have seen.)
> Anyone out there willing to lend a hand creating the rest of the profiles, 
> etc, to get this thing off the ground?
> DJ
> spam at

Nice name :-)

I just happened to finally get around to nALFS yesterday.  It's great, a 
complete LFS, by the book in 3h23m.  Well, almost by the glibc 
tarballs and patches, no gcc-2.95.3, no sysklogd, couple of custom 
patches and 7 additional small packages.  Of course I've not tested it 
just yet, but the build looks good from chroot.  Seems a little fast 
tho, does that time sound correct? Counter might have reset on me or 
something.  First run was trial and error, but started it from scratch 
this morning and was finished when I returned home this afternoon.

Anyways, I also happen to be working on the same type of to my own needs of course, and in two parts, LFS and 
PostLFS.  I've not dug in deep enough yet to find where, and in what 
tags, to put the download locations for automatic download if the file 
does not exist.  Guess I need to read a little more.  But I'd be happy 
to share what I have this weekend.  With a pointer on the correct way to 
do auto download, I imagine I could have a large portion, current 
through gnome done and tested (complete rebuild) probably by Saturday. 
I guess url probably goes into packages.ent and dl goes into the 
individual package xml file, or does unpack take care of it?

-- DJ Lucas

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