LFS-5.1-Pre1 and CC environment var with util-linux

Verstegen Frans verfr_pub at bluewin.ch
Sun Feb 15 21:21:46 PST 2004

I use the excellent LFS-5.1-pre1 profile from the nAlfs team with a 
homebrew perl script for generating my lfs.

All packages configure/compile/install according the book until the 
util-linux-2.12 package. If I understand correctly, the configure script 
from this package needs a CC environment variable pointing to the gcc 

   echo CC=$CC >> make_include
   echo CFLAGS=$CFLAGS >> make_include
   echo LDFLAGS=$LDFLAGS >> make_include

   compile='$CC $CFLAGS $DEFS conftest.c -o conftest...
   compile_with_warnings='$CC $CFLAGS $DEFS conftest...
   static_compile='$CC -static $DEFS conftest.c -o c...
   eval COMPILE='"'$compile'"'
   export COMPILE

The LFS-5.1-pre1 book does not define the CC variable, the LFS-5.1-pre1 
profile sets this variable to ''.
The configure script finds an empty CC definition, so the compiler
will be set to '' (empty).

Should CC be defined for this package ?
Does alfs allow an "unset env" ?


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