rm: `/tools/build/coreutils-5.0' changed dev/ino: Is a directory

Michael Kipper mkipper at rogers.com
Mon Feb 16 12:43:11 PST 2004

Hi group,

Can anyone help me with this problem?
It should be a routine ALFS install of LFS-5.0-3

Thanks in advance!

I: Exiting stage: Installing a package.
I: Entering new stage: Clean-up.
I: Removing /tools/build/coreutils-5.0.
-: rm: `/tools/build/coreutils-5.0' changed dev/ino: Is a directory
E: Removing failed.
I: Exiting stage: Clean-up.
I: Sending the package log to the frontend... 
I: Exiting stage: Installing packages in /tools as lfs.
I: Exiting stage: Chapter 5 - Constructing a temporary system
I: Log file stored in:
I: /root/.nALFS/packages/coreutils-5.0.xml
E: Execution failed (1).


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