[RFC] nALFS package log files

Sébastien Maerten sebastien.maerten at iota.u-psud.fr
Thu Feb 19 07:28:11 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Sébastien Maerten wrote:
>> While I'll be  waiting for it, could you please post an example 
>> profile with logging included. Just one file, for example 
>> chapter05/glibc.xml would be enough. I'll start a test build of Ryan's 
>> glibc rc this evening and would save much sleep time if I don't need 
>> to stop nALFS / log make check / restart nALFS untill next check. Thanks.
> The profile won't need any modification to support this new logging 
> system, it will just replace the old system. The code to do this new 
> logging will be in nALFS itself, and it's not done yet, so you can't use 
> it for your test builds at this point. Sorry.

Ok. No problem, I'll wait untill it's integrated in nALFS.

But I must have not been clear:
I don't know how to do something like:
<execute command=" { make check 3>&1 1>&2 2>&3 | tee make_check.err ;} 
&>make_check.log" />
And I thought Thomas said he had done something similar. Any suggestions 
are welcome.

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