Big nALFS changes just committed to CVS

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Feb 21 11:16:11 PST 2004

I have just committed a bunch of changes to CVS HEAD, although there is 
still an unsolved "segmentation fault" problem that I will try to get 
fixed today.

The biggest change involved here is the aforementioned involvement of 
the handlers themselves during profile parsing. At this time only the 
<stage> handler has been converted, but it was the hardest one to do, 
that's why I did it first :-)

For those who have seen the code, or are otherwise curious, look at the 
recent changes to libXML-tree.c and to handlers/stage.c. In a nutshell, 
the handler-specific knowledge about <stage>/<stageinfo> has been 
removed from every file outside of stage.c, and <stageinfo>, 
<environment> and <variable> are now actually handlers instead of just 
hard coded knowledge in the <stage> handler. Realistically this doesn't 
make a lot of difference to end users, other than some of these handlers 
now catch semantic errors during profile parsing, as opposed to 
execution time (or not at all). In the future, all elements that can 
appear inside other elements and have children of their own will be 
actual handlers, as opposed to "parameters". This allows the logic 
involved in handling those children to be put in its proper place.

The rest of the handlers will get converted in the next few days (or 
maybe weeks depending on how much time I can scare up). Once that is 
done I will get back to work on the new package logging system, and also 
finish up some remaining issues with the conditional logic code.

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