Additional Logging

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Feb 24 22:49:59 PST 2004

Howdy ya'll,  I'm still a very new user of nALFS, so feel free to let 
loose the dogs on me if I missed something in the docs. :-)  Anyways, I 
was wondering if there is a way to do execute a command outside of the 
stageinfo?  More specificly, I want to put search indexes in nalfs.log. 
  Something to the effect of:

*****(chapter06/ch6-glibc.xml) Configuring a package *****
#(continue the normal logging here and run configure)
*****(chapter06/ch6-glibc.xml) Running make *****
#(make output)
*****(chapter06/ch6-glibc.xml) Running make (check) *****
# (only include the param if only one param is givin)
*****(chapter06/ch6-glibc.xml) Running make (install) *****
# (make install output)

The reason for this is not to have individual log files...still one big 
log, but they can be easily separated out if needs be.

TIA for any suggestions.

-- DJ Lucas

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