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Fri Feb 27 09:18:19 PST 2004

If that will reduce the time it takes to install something if it's already been installed, then yes that's what I was thinking.  When you're forced to use a pentium 2, time becomes an issue in everything.  :)

I shoulda known you guys were ahead of me.

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David Barron wrote:

> Will it also include the "skip or continue" thing?

Indirectly, yes. In a future release (probably the next one after the 
upcoming one), the existing package logs will be parsed and the results 
integrated into the tree display in the user interface. In addition, if 
you try to mark a package that's already been successfully built (the 
same version), then nALFS will prompt you to verify that's what you want 
to do.

Is that what you were thinking?
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