RFC: Bugzilla Mini-manifesto

James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jan 5 12:07:25 PST 2004


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As part of Bill's ongoing effort, I am submitting the Bugzilla team's 
Mini-manifesto to RFC so everyone can see it and comment on it before it 
goes on the website.

Please post comments inline with the text and only include the area you 
are commenting one.  No need to duplicate this thing a ton of times.

BEGIN -----------------------------
LFS Bugzilla Mini-manifesto


The Bugzilla team provides administration and technical support for
the LFS defect tracking system -- Bugzilla.

For more information on Bugzilla, see:


The team will provide a reliable (i.e. stable) defect tracking system
for the LFS community.  The tracked products that the team will
support are:

	A: LFS Book

	B: BLFS Book

	C: nALFS Application and Documentation


The team will not be responsible for actually performing any of the
functions mentioned above.  For example, the team will not be
responsible for editing the LFS Book source files to fix (complete) a
bug entry.

Goals / Objectives:

The team's objective is to facilitate the tracking of:

	1. Bugs (errors) and resolutions
	2. Enhancement Requests
	3. "Do List" items
	4. Package version changes
	5. Quality Assurance

The team's goals for Bugzilla are:

	* To provide a common defect tracking system for the entire

	* To provide a consistent single point of entry for all
	elements and reports across the project

	* To provide support (instruction) for users and the other
	projects in the best use of the system

Strategy and Logistics:

The team will use many of the same tools as the rest of the LFS
community.  Communication will occur via the mailing lists (lfs-admin
for discussion and the rest for announcements).


Team Member Policies:

Team members will be able to perform Linux system administration
tasks, manage a MySQL database engine, edit Perl CGI scripts, and
interact and communicate with the LFS and Bugzilla development teams.
Team members should also have the available time to commit to helping
to maintain the system.

Maintenance (scheduled down time) should be announced ahead of time so
all the other teams can make necessary arrangements.  Maintenace will
be (if possible) outside of "crunch" or deadline time frames.  For
example, just before a book release.  Upgrades and/or patches to the
system will be handled offline on a test system before being
implemented into production.

Bugzilla is vital to the smooth running of the projects.  The other
teams rely heavily on the Bugzilla system to keep track of all the
issues and related items for their respective teams and projects.
Team members must remain cognizant of these things and take them into
account when performing any work on the production system.

System Use Policies:

The system is designed to help the project keep track of everything
that is going on (think "do list").  Any team member and user at large
is allowed (even encouraged) to the use the system with this one

	*Make sure that the respective -dev list has been notified of
	the issue to make sure that it is "really" an issue.  The
	problem could have been solved already or the enhancement
	request may have already come up before and been denied by the
	editorial team.  *Do your homework* first to ensure that an
	entry in the system does not turn into a waste of time for
	another team member or the LFS community

END ------------------------

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