Stripping Extensions with bash

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I use my LFS system to host MythTV (, a PVR program.
So, my LFS box is connected to my TV, which makes it hard to use. I use
nALFS with the stable 5.0 profile to completely build the LFS system, then
use a bash script to build samba and SSH. Then I can build the rest of my
BLFS software, as well as MythTV from my main computer over SSH. I find this
useful because the BLFS cvs profiles are very iffy; that is, they fail often
if they can't find dependencies, MD5 sums don't match, or can't find files.

I want to start a collection of bash scripts to build BLFS. If someone has
started this already, maybe we can collaborate on finishing, as I only have
a few scripts...


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I think this is useful because when I use nALFS, I often need to change
bz2 to gz in the profiles. Why not use such implementation and forget
about the real extension the archive use?

Xinkui Hao
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