Automatic download for aLFS (BLFS profiles)

dj dj at
Wed Jan 14 08:49:04 PST 2004

Hello all,

Please let me know if this is the wrong place to post a quick 

I was attempting to build parts of BLFS on aLFS and nothing would download, 
apparently 'cause nothing had a <download> tag or location to pull from, just 
<unpack>s (reading like the system was/is assuming that the archive files are 
already on your system.)

Is it possible to use <download> and <unpack> together as mutually exclusives 
(something like an <if> structure)?  I know near nothing about XML, and 
apologize if I am asking basic questions, I didn't see anything in the faq's, 
etc.  My ultimate goal is getting a BLFS profile together that will download 
packages to the machine from correct locations...this downloading one by one 
to later compile with aLFS is a pain.

...or am I doing that wrong, too?


dj at

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