problem with making procmail xml file

Sander Siemonsma lfs at
Mon Jan 19 15:25:21 PST 2004

I'm sorry I botherd you, but it is getting late for me. I looked into the
ALFS.dtd file and yeah, just about the top of the file... < is the

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Subject: problem with making procmail xml file

> Hello,
> I've making some xml files for my own needs. And when procmail runs "make
> BASENAME=/usr install" it asks for an enter.
> My solution:
> Create an empty file with just one enter in it and run "make BASENAME=/usr
> install < enterfile".
> The problem:
> How can I add the < tag for use within an xml file. nALFS doesn't
> it because it thinks I open a new syntax.
> This is in my xml file:
>                 <make>
>                         <param>BASENAME=/usr</param>
>                         <param>install</param>
>                         <param><enter</param>
>                 </make>
> Is there any way I can use the < tag within an syntax? Or is there another
> solution. Not only for this problem, but for anytime I want to use the <
> tag.
> Greetz,
> Sander Siemonsma

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