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Thu Jan 22 06:26:22 PST 2004

Ryan.Oliver at wrote:
> Hey all,
> Got one question, is this new cross-compiling hint dealing with a
> real cross-compile, or is it just an enhancement to the previous hacks
> to fool an x86 system it is using an earlier x86 processor...
> ( probably the wrong list but hey, the conversation is here ;-) )

IIUC, this conversation and the work being performed is in conjunction 
with the cross-compiling hint which is as you mention about faking a 
compiler into thinking it is an earlier x86 proc.

Having nALFS be able to do *real* cross-compiling whereby you are using 
an x86 to compile binaries for say an Alpha is not in scope with right 
now AFAIK.  I really think that this could be accomplished with a 
specially built profile to handle all the hacks.

Kevin, et all - what do you think?  Can nALFS handle true 
cross-compiling in a profile?


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