Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu Jan 22 08:10:14 PST 2004

Daniel Baumann wrote:

> James Robertson wrote:
>> Kevin, et all - what do you think?  Can nALFS handle true 
>> cross-compiling in a profile?
> I don't see any  technical reason, why it should not be possible.
> Crosscompiling between archs (not sub-archs like in crosscompiling-x86) 
> needs 'just' another toolchain.

Right, but it becomes a three- (or four-) phase build:

phase 1 - build a temporary x86->x86 toolchain
phase 2 - build a temporary x86->x86 complete system (unless you trust 
the host, in which case you can skip these phases)
phase 3 - build an x86->target toolchain with an x86 tool-set (bison, 
m4, flex, make, etc.)
phase 4 - build the target complete system (in this profile, though, the 
target binaries can't be in the PATH at all, unlike a normal LFS build)

It could certainly be done, and would be a worthwhile effort, I think. 
Someone who's interested should take a look at Dan Kegel's crosstool, 
and maybe converse with him about the techniques used there.

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