[RFC] Should the official profile continue using "-l" to suppress status window logging?

Thomas Pegg thomasp at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jan 25 13:43:07 PST 2004

On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 10:48, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> The official profile, derived from Dave Wheeler's original, has the 
> following line in the runit script:
> /usr/local/bin/nALFS -l -L nALFS.log LFS.XML
> This causes all logging to go to a file named nALFS.log, but suppresses 
No it doesn't the -l makes nALFS log the status window (the default is
to not), the -L just changes the default log file name.

Here is an excerpt from the nALFS help menu:
    -l, --log-status-window       Toggle logging of status window (off).
    -L, --log-file <file>         Use <file> for logging

> status window logging, so this file ends up not existing. I find this 
> not very useful, as when problems occur I like to be able to refer to 
Then something must be wrong on your copy then or your looking in the
wrong place, it's usually stored in the .nALFS directory of the user
running nALFS.

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