Minor problem in BELFS profile (now the LFS CVS HEAD profile)

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu May 6 09:32:16 PDT 2004

David Mascall wrote:

> Remove it from generel.ent and put in package.ent at the same place as the
> kernel
> <!ENTITY linux-config "linux-config-&linux-version;"> ie
> linux-config-2.4.25, linux-config-2.4.26, linux-config-2.6.5 etc

This is a reasonable idea.

> Download location is - "supplied by user" ? Include some instructions on how
> to create by unpacking and running make menuconfig before running the
> profile.

I believe I'll leave this suggestion alone; users of the profile are 
expected to have enough knowledge to know how to create what they need 
for it to run, IMHO. If not, they should a build or two manually first :-)

> Using "Load an alternate config...." within menuconfig can use an existing
> config file. ie a config file from 2.6.4 can be read into the menuconfig for
> 2.6.5. When saved on exiting, the resulting .config can then be used in
> chapter8. Saves going through ALL the options each time :-)

It's always better to use "make oldconfig" to bring in a downlevel 
config file first, that way you get prompted for the changes that you 
need to know about.

> Or perhaps a downloadable generic LFS sample .config file from each kernel
> version that will at least allow chapter8 to run and the new system to boot
> such that the user can then build a tailored kernel as the first thing they
> do under the new system. Could be used by the book as well for those not
> sure about configuring a kernel to at least get then started ?

That might be tough to  accomplish, but it's worth discussing on lfs-dev 
if you're so inclined.

> Also a note should be added in the profile somewhere that chapter08 will
> hang with a backlevel .config file ? Have no idea where though....in
> kernel.xml ?

This can go into the README file. It's also not guaranteed, sometimes 
you can get away with using an old config file.

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