nALFS 1.3

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu May 6 20:19:36 PDT 2004

Thomas Pegg wrote:

> Not to rush you Kevin, but how much longer do you think it will be
> before nALFS-1.3 is released? I ask because I've been working over the
> BLFS profile and have seen several sections where I think conditional
> execution can be of great benefit.

Given my personal schedule, I don't see that I'll be able to put any 
time into it until some time next week. It's not something I can work on 
for little bits of time at one time (unlike profiles and other things), 
it needs some hours of concentrated effort.

However, the machine I was doing development on is now back to being 
usable again, and so I'm getting closer. Jamie is also getting ready to 
come back online, so hopefully he'll be able to lend a hand as well.

I would expect nALFS 1.3 to be ready for testing by the end of May; if 
that means we hold off on having a really good BLFS profile until then 
I'm OK with that.

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