[CFV] Volunteers needed to evaluate CVS alternatives for the LFS projects (draft)

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue May 11 17:22:15 PDT 2004

After much discussion, both on the alfs-discuss and lfs-dev lists, and
on IRC, some of us have decided to start a "research project" to
determine whether switching to another SCM (source code management
system, also called a version control system) for the LFS projects would
be worthwhile, and if so which one would be the best choice.

The changes that are happening in the LFS book development process, and
those that are coming for some of the other sub-projects as well, demand
a more versatile and understandable SCM. We expect to evaluate
Subversion and BitKeeper, and possibly arch as well, with an eye towards
learning exactly how our procedures would be translated into that SCM's
commands, and what benefits the community would derive from using that
SCM in place of CVS.

The volunteer team will use a mailing list provided by Jeremy Utley on
his server; the address to subscribe is:


or you can just email directly to:

lfs-scm-testing-subscribe at be-linux.org

We need volunteers who have experience working on the LFS/BLFS/HLFS/etc.
books, and can describe their needs for editing, committing, branching,
tagging, etc. In addition, the volunteers need to be willing to install
each SCM we want to try, and to actually exercise the SCM using
instructions that the team will document to simulate the processes that
would be involved working on actual LFS projects. In addition, you must 
have an open mind and be willing to evaluate the various SCM systems on 
their technical merits only; discussion of political/religious/etc. 
issues related to the various candidates can wait until after we have a 
report to provide to the community that describes their benefits.

(Note: please do not spam these lists with followups to this message; if 
you are interested in volunteering you can join the new list, and if you 
are not please let us go away and do our thing in peace :-)

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