Better Instructions?

Ron remo at
Wed May 12 11:30:07 PDT 2004

I am trying to build ALFS, I built the LFS once a few months ago and blew it away when I had a hard drive die on my server. I would like to install it all again and 
found the ALFS interesting. I have tried the bootcd to use as my host system, but either copy doesnt work on my server for one reason or another, so I am 
starting out with Fedora. I worked on it last night for about 6 hours straight and finally got the nALFS compiled. When I ran the program, it flew through 
everything and nothing happened. I am still doing research on nALFS and find I need to configure some files to point to proper directories and such 5 more 
hours later. At this point I am still guessing on where things are suppose to go to create my LFS system and was just wondering if there were some better 
directions as the ALFS manual is very short on what needs to be configured, what files need modified and where directories need to be created. I am also 
unsure if the nALFS will download the files it needs or do I need to get the tarbells files and if so, where do these go so that nALFS can find them.

Any help is greatly appreiciated

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