Better Instructions?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu May 13 09:03:31 PDT 2004

Ron wrote:

> I am trying to build ALFS, I built the LFS once a few months ago and blew it away when I had a hard drive die on my server. I would like to install it all again and 
> found the ALFS interesting. I have tried the bootcd to use as my host system, but either copy doesnt work on my server for one reason or another, so I am 
> starting out with Fedora. I worked on it last night for about 6 hours straight and finally got the nALFS compiled.

If it took you six hours to get nALFS compiled something is very wrong 
with your system, your setup or something else. Also, if you are using a 
recent Fedora (later than Core 1) and are trying to build LFS-5.1-pre2 
you will experience problems, because FC2 contains updated packages that 
  interfere with building the toolchain in LFS chapter 5. FC2 is a 
decent starting point to build an LFS CVS book, but not for 5.1-pre2.

> When I ran the program, it flew through 
> everything and nothing happened. I am still doing research on nALFS and find I need to configure some files to point to proper directories and such 5 more 
> hours later.

nALFS does not do anything by itself, it needs a profile. If the profile 
you are using (which you do not mention) requires configuration before 
it can be used, then yes, you will need to configure it first.

this point I am still guessing on where things are suppose to go to 
create my LFS system and was just wondering if there were some better
> directions as the ALFS manual is very short on what needs to be configured, what files need modified and where directories need to be created. I am also 
> unsure if the nALFS will download the files it needs or do I need to get the tarbells files and if so, where do these go so that nALFS can find them.

nALFS includes a README file that describes everything needed to compile 
it; if you found that something was missing from that README file but 
was required to get nALFS to compile please let us know.

The ALFS profiles distributed by our team (the "official" profiles) also 
contain README files that document how they are to be used, and that 
they need to be configured. They also tell you how to set up the 
configuration directory based on whether you downloaded all the 
individual package sources or a combined tarball, and they tell you that 
all the package sources will be copied into your build directory as part 
of the profile execution.

To be frank, it sounds like you are not yet ready to build a system 
using ALFS tools. The problems you are reporting are things that you 
should be able to analyze and solve on your own, using the provided 
documentation and the resources of the LFS web site (mailing list 
archives, FAQs, etc). These are quite basic questions and someone who 
has already completed one or more manual LFS builds would not have any 
trouble addressing them. The ALFS tools and profiles are intended to be 
used by (somewhat) experienced LFS builders who want to automate their 
system builds, not by someone who has never done an LFS build and wants 
it done for them.

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