LFS Profile tarball naming and website links

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat May 15 07:19:51 PDT 2004

In order to match the new LFS naming scheme, I am going to reorganize 
the profile tarballs in the ALFS downloads area.

Today, we have tarballs for each tagged LFS release (and possibly 
multiple tarballs, if the profile has been updated since it was 
originally released). We keep a link called "profile-LFS-stable.tar.bz2" 
that points to the current tarball for the stable book.

Currently this is all stored in /alfs/downloads/profiles. I am going to 
change the structure to look like this:

      |      |
      |      +--stable
      |      +--testing
      |      +--unstable

Instead of using symlinks to point to each type of profile, the tarballs 
will just be placed into the proper directories. I will follow the model 
of Anderson's new book rendering script and render tagged profile 
releases only once, and untagged branches nightly. This means that if we 
produced a tagged profile release (i.e. for LFS-5.1-pre2), and then 
later adjust that profile to fix bugs, we will need to re-tag it to 
indicate that it has been changed, and update the render script (before 
we would just generate a new tarball).

To simplify this I would like to adjust the branch names and tag names 
used in the ALFS/profiles/LFS directory to match the names used in the 
LFS/BOOK module. It will then be easier to keep the nightly ALFS render 
script in sync with the nightly LFS render script.

If there is agreement on these changes, I will make the rendering script 
changes tonight. I would like to come up with a way to modify the 
website to make it easier to get to the different profiles (sorry 
Jeroen, I know it's a little more work for you guys). Currently there is 
a single Downloads/Profiles link on the ALFS page. Instead we should 
have an "LFS Profiles" section, with stable/testing/unstable links like 
the LFS book page does. When we are ready to release BLFS profiles, we 
would need a "BLFS Profiles" section added as well, with stable and 
testing links.


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