LFS Profile tarball naming and website links

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat May 15 11:44:34 PDT 2004

On Saturday 15 May 2004 10:19, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Instead of using symlinks to point to each type of profile, the tarballs
> will just be placed into the proper directories. I will follow the model
> of Anderson's new book rendering script and render tagged profile
> releases only once, and untagged branches nightly. This means that if we
> produced a tagged profile release (i.e. for LFS-5.1-pre2), and then
> later adjust that profile to fix bugs, we will need to re-tag it to
> indicate that it has been changed, and update the render script (before
> we would just generate a new tarball).

I've made some recent changes to the script that allows you to force a 
branch/tag re-rendering by passing the setup as arguments to it:

render-lfs-book.sh  <branch>  <version>   <alias>

It might be useful to recreate e.g. a broken rendered book.

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at linuxfromscratch.org

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